Tarmac Repairs

Tarmac when first laid is full of colour and resins which for a couple of years are it has been laid can go 'sticky' when the weather is very warm. After a relatively short period these resins start to 'dry out' and the colour starts to fade. This deterioration process can eventually lead to surface aggregate becoming loose, cracks to start appearing and holes being created.

BristolPro Wash offer an excellent Tarmac repair and restoration service of which the application of Smartseal Tarmac Restorer (Tarmaseal) is an essential part of the process.

Our Tarmac Restoration process includes

  1. Pre-treatment of moss and algae killer (if necessary) 
  2. Professional Cleaning
  3. Sweeping Away of Loose Stones
  4. Repair of Damaged Areas
  5. Cracks Filled
  6. Application of two coats of Tarmaseal Tarmac Restorer

The application of Tarmaseal wiil re-introduce lost resins, restore the colour and make the surface resistant to further deterioration from the effects of the weather.

Once our Tarmac restoration service is complete, a top up coat of Tarmaseal every few years will keep the surface in good condition for many years to come.

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